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Here are the information for the birthday video! Send me your replays, if you havent done so far
Name Map Time Position Nation
¬ѕקεεの| αεяσsσl! Tiger Blood Stadium Remake 36''142 Leader Germany
¬ѕקεεの| どげΛ®Ľ!Ξッ ¬ѕקεεの|Lol #4! 21''914 Co-Leader India
¬ѕקεεの| Pizza sc〢N!ghtmare! 20''851 Member Germany
¬ѕקεεの| Manuel ~Heavy~ 28''667 Member Germany
¬ѕקεεの| TMB  E02  58''932 Member Reunion
¬ѕקεεの| Mathavan  minitrix construction derby  10''777 Scout India
¬ѕקεεの| Mr. Cooler  ip90  15''205 Co-Leader Germany
¬ѕקεεの| нαуυシ  gҽҽҡ〢 QUANTUM  46''651 Member Germany
¬ѕקεεの| Venom Da Guckste! 31''833 Member Germany
¬ѕקεεの| Chris sc〢Stunter. 22''382 Member Great Britain
¬ѕקεεの| мαgᴎυs  69 Cookies for Koenz 26''904 Tech-Scout Norway
¬ѕקεεの| karthik  Tech Track Bad 22''014 Member India
¬ѕקεεの|  eXtreme     Member Germany
¬ѕקεεの| FresH     Member Germany
¬ѕקεεの| Slavia Praha Milan     Member Czech Republic
¬ѕקεεの| indpin  Mini-Tech.095  19''988 Member India
¬ѕקεεの| perletti     Member Italy
¬ѕקεεの| Serlo  Tight Section  31''971 Member Israel
¬ѕקεεの| Dotsch     Member Germany
¬ѕקεεの| Łøŕҽņž  [PF] Pylon Fragger  29''670 Member Germany
¬ѕקεεの| ςҝaиĐa 100th »93 « 1'00''954 Member India
¬ѕקεεの| ѴเѵέӃ CCP#15 - Eispalast  42''177 Member India
¬ѕקεεの| Nithish メ Cruise Control »93 « 1'02''438 Member India
¬ѕקεεの| SэXγbĄьę  ฬพ〥mini07  15''283 Member Germany
¬ѕקεεの| Plutokaiser     Member Austria
¬ѕקεεの| x0r     Member Germany
¬ѕקεεの| Antuha  A07-Race  27''349 Member Latvia
¬ѕקεεの| jediyoda  SpeedFunMini 1  21''202 Member Switzerland
¬ѕקεεの| Ede     Member Germany
¬ѕקεεの| Zan     Member France
¬ѕקεεの| Rem322  C04-Race 40''985 Member Norway
¬ѕקεεの| ardag     Member Poland
¬ѕקεεの| Moki! »MTC « TopGear' 38''984 Member Hungary
¬ѕקεεの| mytrt67     Member Belgium
¬ѕקεεの| manofbelgium     Member Belgium
¬ѕקεεの| Eichhörnchen     Member Germany
¬ѕקεεの| Garry     Member Austria
¬ѕקεεの| soeren09876     Member Germany
¬ѕקεεの| creeper69 C12 39''080 Member France
¬ѕקεεの| Cheatfish67     Member Germany
¬ѕקεεの| Wolfy616  ¬ѕקεεの| Members - ¬ѕקεεの|Serlo!  19''047 Member South Africa
¬ѕקεεの| Neron     Member Austria
¬ѕקεεの| oX     Member Germany
¬ѕקεεの| Sexxy     Member Germany
¬ѕקεεの| Ha0ne     Member France
¬ѕקεεの| Malte O  P  I  U  M « 28''699 Member Germany
¬ѕקεεの| Marlin     Member Denmark
¬ѕקεεの| Thierry Tyko Liberty #44 -  Speedy 25''575 Member Belgium
¬ѕקεεの| extermy     Member New Zealand

¬ѕקεεの| Toon                                                              
¬ѕקεεの| Drosik      Member France
¬ѕקεεの| JoB       01  12''804 Member Germany
¬ѕקεεの| Buby        Member Germany
¬ѕקεεの| Tootii  《 Sқill 〣 Tech 6 》  21''604  Member  France
¬ѕקεεの| nobibo  Cut for you #04  09''925  Member  Germany
¬ѕקεεの| Modjow!  TM2 Nascar 28  1'12''476 Tech-Member  Denmark
¬ѕקεεの| けρz  Turbo Lol Lvl. 2  26''000  Member  Hungary
¬ѕקεεの| LukisaK?!  mini pluer lol,cut?  08''694  Member  Czech 
 ¬ѕקεεの| Devil Heart      Member  Israel
 ¬ѕקεεの| Ӄηįǥӈҭ!  TT-Shorts #02  18''945  Member  South Africa
 ¬ѕקεεの| 'uisoft  ///Tiny Tech #22  17''315  Member  Germany
 ¬ѕקεεの| Funny  mini kross rpg  45''724  Member  Slovakia
 ¬ѕקεεの| Ezuke  TMM-Sexy¬TC12  35''873 Tech-Member  Czech Republic
 ¬ѕקεεの| varol  Tracmania.039  13''192  Member  Turkey
 ¬ѕקεεの| luc!  V o i d  41''913 Tech-Member  Denmark
 ¬ѕקεεの| Doc_Me4ik  A03  10''693 Tech-Member Belarus 
 ¬ѕקεεの|kiszon..!?  Gtc - Wild Nature  48''108 Tech-Member  Poland
 ¬ѕקεεの|Andyflyer*  《 Sқill 〣 Tech 5 》  20''735 Tech-Member  Poland
 ¬ѕקεεの|Alecz  D07  38''963 Tech-Member  Germany

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