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this is the Website of the Trackmania-Clan "Speed".
If you want to join contact us with the contact page!

Our TM² Tag is: $000¬$999ѕקεεの$000| $fffyour name$f00!
Our TMUF/TMNF Tag is: $s$i$999ѕקεεの$30f»$fffyour name
Alternative Tag:  $i$999ѕקεεの$f00»$fffyour name$f00!

  1. And a clanserver on Tmnf is back too, thank to our great sponsor slikz.de
  2. The Clanvideo is out!!! Check it out, its great
  3. We have a clanserver again!! This time on TM²Stadium (for more information check the server page)
  4. we are building up a tech squad for the upcoming esl cps 16 and other tech competitions (Check the members page
  5. we are hosting the shorties cup - all information click
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